Skillet Confirmed For The Fifth Edition Of Sofia Rocks Festival


The fans of the solid аnd hard sound in Bulgaria will have the chance to meet the extremely popular rock band SKILLET. The band currently consists of husband and wife John (lead vocals, bass) and Korey Cooper (rhythm guitar, keyboards, backing vocals), along with Jen Ledger (drums, vocals) and Seth Morrison (lead guitar). The band's last album - Awake, has been certified Platinum and debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard top 200 selling around 68,000 units in its first week. They have sold over 2 million albums in the U.S. alone and have over 300 million views of their videos. SKILLET are known for a relentless touring schedule, which garnered them a top five ranking in the Hardest Working Bands of 2011.

The band's latest album, called Rise, came out in 2013 to show SKILLET's sense of perfection, integrity and total harmony of the sound. Rise's message is clear and passionate - a reflection of the inner world of the band. There is one big difference between Rise and the previous albums of SKILLET - "For the first time in the lyrics we use "we" instead of "I", as we believe that the album is about all of us", says Cooper.

But this is not all that makes Rise so enthralling - the sequence of the songs has a secret of its own.

"The idea of the sequence came when we selected 10 out of 11 songs. While recording them, we realized that something is going on - this album tells a story...Rise tells the story of a typical American teenager, who enters the adult world and faces for the first time this world and its problems.", says Cooper of the concept of the album.

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